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Thank you so much for a wonderful experience


We have just viewed the 3D scanning images of our little son. It was an indescribably touching experience to see his little mouth, his nice little fingers and round cheeks. And to know, that he is doing well in there.

We have received the most beautiful photos and a movie to bring home. Everything provided to us by Mageløs Graviditetsscanning - a warm, cozy and extremely professional place, where 100% of our wishes were taken into account. There was plenty of time, surplus of energy and human proximity.

Heidi Frederikke Sigdal



I would highly recommend Mageløs Graviditetsscanning

I was so happy to use Mageløs Graviditetsscanning throughout my pregnancy with my son that I decided to repeat it this second time! It is so comforting and thoroughly-done, cozy and heart-warming in the clinic. I especially remember my first pregnancy that it was so reassuring with sufficient time for additional viewing, questions and explanations of every little thing and again this time I am reaffirmed by this experience.

That we were to receive the information that there was a girl swimming around in there, gave us a shock that we're still laughing at! A girl! God's Father preserves us - we thought. We are very saturated with our son and I was sure there was a boy more - and my ten boxes of boy clothes could move on to him, so I asked if Linda was sure it was a girl - Yes, of course she was. Laughs! We have since then gotten used to the idea, and now the baby in the stomach has become "Tøsen" and the big brother is super nice and sweet.

When we get a little further along in the pregnancy and are able to really see her in 3D, we'll be back with the big brother so he can see her and become an even bigger part of it all. I clearly remember that with my son it made me even closer to him, and my love grew even more. I am certain that I would like to do it again - because I'm so curious! I love to see them in there. Thanks to Mageløs Graviditetsscanning for being so sweet and amazing.

At Mageløs Graviditetsscanning, I was received with a wonderful warmth and joy from the first visit. The scan I received by Linda was a gender scan, so it was a really special day that my boyfriend and I had been very excited about.

I'm so happy about my choice of pregnancy clinic, because it only made the experience better! I would highly recommend Mageløs Graviditetsscanning to all prospective mothers - new as experienced!

Julie Berthelsen