Pregnancy Scan

Pregnancy ultrasound scans can be performed as either 2D or 3D scans as well as 4D scans. 2D scans are typically offered to prospective parents through public hospitals. 2D scans are primarily used for diagnostic purposes, as it is more suitable for finding potential birth defects, compared to 3D and 4D scans.

How a pregnancy scan is carried out

A pregnancy scan at Mageløs Graviditetsscanning always begins with a thorough 2D scan of the foetus, regardless of the type of scanning that you have booked. If you have selected a scan containing 3D and 4D scans, we will switch to it after the initial scan in 2D. 3D and 4D scanning adds depth to the image, which makes the child's personal features much more apparent and visible. We always aim to ensure that you get a good opportunity to gain a good impression of your future child in the 3D-4D scanning phase.

What you get when you book an ultrasound scan at Mageløs Graviditetsscanning

With 2D scans you will receive multiple images in black-and-white. If you book a 3D/4D scan you also receive a USB stick with images and small video sequences of approximately 10 seconds duration. The reason we do not record longer video sequences is, that the quality of such recordings tend to be very fluctuating and our experience is that you get the best video results by keeping the sequences shorter.

Click on the different types of pregnancy scans in the left menu and decide which scan you want and have the opportunity to do, relating to the stage which you are in, in your pregnancy. Additional information regarding each of the different types of scans offered can also be found in the menu on the left.

Gender Scan: Is it a boy or a girl?

It is possible to get to know the gender of your baby from week 14+0. Gender scans are performed in the early anomaly scan from week 15, in the comfort scan from week 15 and in the later anomaly scan in week 19-23. It is therefore unnecessary for you to book a gender scan, if you book one of these three scans.


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